Swap Crypto to Real Gold & Silver!

Swap Crypto to Real Gold & Silver with 7K Metals!

The value of crypto (and stocks) has been going up and down lately because of tweets of celebrities and news headlines. You can lose the value of your Crypto in various ways: forgotten password, high tech criminals, blocked by the government, internet outage, solar flare, magnetic pole flip, etc. Let me help you Swap some or all of your Crypto to something that will always have value! Get Started!

Swap in 5 Easy Steps!

Powered by 7K Sound Wallet

  1. Select Transfer from Crypto in Your 7K Sound Wallet
    Select Transfer from Crypto
  2. Select Your Crypto Wallet
    Select Your Crypto Wallet
  3. Select Source Crypto
    Select Source Crypto
  4. Pay Invoice
    Pay Invoice
  5. Select Destination - Gold or Silver
    Select Destintaion

That's it! Once you complete these steps the amount of gold and silver you swapped will be available in your sound wallet. The value will increase as the market value increases. You can instantly transfer the value to your linked bank account, PayQuicker, or Another 7K Member. You can also request an equivalent value in actual metal or a check sent to your house.

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